RafflesNews was initially done via a conventional method where the layouts were designed and sliced in Photoshop and then exported into HTML format. The image files were then uploaded to the server and individual links in the HTML file were painstakingly changed. With this, we imported the file into Outlook and blasted to stakeholders. This had to be done concurrently for English and Mandarin versions.

The process was very tedious and inefficient as redundant steps had to be replicated repeatedly when we had to publish each post. With that, a new plan to revamp RafflesNews was brought up and as we looked through different portals, we worked towards using WordPress as having a website would be efficient and easier to maintain. We also integrated MailChimp to collate the subscribers for monthly EDM blasts and this proved to be beneficial as we also utilised this platform to blast other Raffles related events to the masses.

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